Jämmid kolmapäeviti 
algus on orienteeruvalt 18.30-19.00 (üritus FB-s)

Movement TallinnTartu maantee 82
HIND: 5eur

Jämmid pühapäeviti 
Kell 15.00-17.00

Korrus3Veerenni 29/1
HIND: 6eur


Juhendatud JÄMM (igale tasemele)
kell 19.40 

Võimlemisklubi Akrose saalis, Õpetaja 9a
Hind: 10eur juhendamine/5eur jämm (vaba saali kasutus)

Kolmapäeviti JÄMM
kell 19.40 

Võimlemisklubi Akrose saalis, Õpetaja 9a
Hind: 5eur jämm (vaba saali kasutus)

Neljapäeviti akrojooga algtaseme tunnid
kell 20.00

Tartu Joogakeskuses, Kastani 38
Hind: kuutasu 45eur



6-päevane akrojooga laager augusti lõpus Hiiumaal

20. – 27. august 2018
Hõbekala külalistemaja, Puumetsa, Kalana, Hiiumaa

This retreat is going to be awesome! Kadri and Max (and little Maxwell-Maru) live just 2km from the Hõbekala Guesthouse and are super excited to welcome all of you on their home island.

The venue of this 6-day retreat will be the beautiful brand-new Hõbekala Guesthouse in Ristna, the isolated western point of the island of Hiiumaa. The Baltic sea is walking distance in three directions. Our training space will be a 70m2 space with big windows and high ceilings. We will have 50m2 of puzzle mats.

We will offer 3 training sessions a day. It will be a week filled with different kinds of Yoga, solar AcroYoga (also daily inversions training) and lunar AcroYoga (therapeutic flying and Thai massage). There will be space and time (and of course energy!) for jamming. Half a day will be dedicated for your activity of choice – sightseeing, resting or more play.

Afia Joy will be with us for the first 3 days and these days will be filled with full power solar activities. On day 4 you will have half a day for yourself and we will meet again in the afternoon to continue with a mix of acrobatic and softer lunar practices for the rest of the week.

Teaching will mostly be in English but thanks to our super multi-lingual team we speak Estonian, English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and Mandarin!

Also, this will be a kid-friendly retreat. If you´d like to bring your children, please get in touch for more info and pricing 🙂


Depending on the number of people, everyone will be lodged at Hõbekala Guesthouse or some of us will be staying just across the street at Puumetsa. We offer single, double and triple rooms and also dorm-style lodging on mattrasses on the upper floor of Hõbekala.


Price per person in (full price and early bird -20% valid until March 20th):

single room - 850€ (680€)
double room - 650€ (520€)
triple room - 575€ (460€)
dorm - 500€ (400€)

Refundable until June 18th (minus 50eur administrative fee).

FOOD (included in the price)

Hõbekala Guesthouse owner Kätlin will prepare all our meals onsite. August is the best season as there will be a lot of local produce available and the woods will be filled with berries and chanterelles.


You can of course get in touch with Kadri on Facebook or by email at akrokadri@gmail.com for any additional information.



Born and raised in Germany, current AcroYoga teacher, bodyworker, and future osteopath, Afia Joy also has a rich past as a linguistic anthropologist. She has traveled the world from Tibet to Bolivia, from Ghana to Uzbekistan, and from China to Argentina. Through it all, she encountered AcroYoga as a universal language.
"AcroYoga truly offers the magic of bringing people from all kinds of backgrounds together in a the first moments of practicing."

Afia Joy Adu-Sanyah is an AcroYoga International certified Level II Teacher currently based near Frankfurt.

Kadri is an Estonian freelance conference interpreter who found AcroYoga to be the perfect addition to her language combination. AcroYoga is about communication, as is interpreting.
It is a place where one plus one is much more than two. If we are to combine two (or more) people each with their skills, strength, will and playfulness, we never know which new heights or depth we might end up reaching.
Having a background in contemporary dance, pilates and acrobatics, Kadri finds AcroYoga hard to beat in its diversity.
Kadri is an AcroYoga International certified Level I Teacher currently residing on the island of Hiiumaa (Estonia) with her husband Max and their son Maxwell-Maru.


Max' career started in the mid-80s as an instructor of electronics and telecommunications in his native Italy. He moved on to become a researcher in thermo-fluids-propulsion and diagnostics systems in the field of high-energy physics at McGill University in Montreal. As an engineer Max worked at AgustaWestland in Italy and Bell Helicopter in Texas before moving to Cologne to become an officer of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Together with his technical career, his thermodynamics background triggered his curiosity towards the mechanism of how the mind frames the very question of time, existence, self, and consciousness. As a result, at the turn of the millennium, Max was drawn to yoga in search for these answers. He also discovered the benefit of this discipline to become healthy, strong, flexible, vibrant, and experienced the mind to drop into a state of calm and clarity. By practicing the different styles of yoga, Max uncovered different yoga philosophies and methodologies and realized how they are all deeply interconnected. For this reason Max´ teaching objective is to provide the students with the essence of the various styles: Hatha yoga, Jnana yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bhakti yoga...

Max is a 500h YTT certified yoga teacher.



Kahepäevane joogalaager Hiiumaal

2.– 3. juuni 2018
Hõbekala külalistemaja, Puumetsa, Kalana, Hiiumaa

Üritus FB-s


Juuni esimesel nädalavahetusel toimub joogalaager peaaegu Hiiumaa lääneotsas. Leia oma sisemine rahu joogas ning seejärel ühendus teistega läbi akrojooga.

Laager toimub kaunis uhiuues Hõbekala külalistemajas Ristnas. Meri jääb kolmes ilmakaares vaid jalutuskäigu kaugusele. Külalistemajas on jooga tarvis avar suurte akende ning kõrgete lagedega ruum, kust avaneb vaade Hiiumaa metsale – ideaalne keskkond nii algajatele kui edasijõudnud joogaharrastajatele.

Majutus vastavalt soovile üheses, kaheses või kolmeses toas (http://www.hobekala.ee/majutus).

Õpetavad Kadri (200h YTT joogaõpeta, AcroYoga Int. akrojoogaõpetaja, Sunshine Networki koolituse läbinud tai massöör ja Birthlight jooga õpetaja ) ja Max (500h YTT joogaõpetaja, Birthlight jooga õpetaja).

Max annab tunde inglise keeles ja Kadri nii eesti kui inglise keeles.


REEDE 01.06
Saabumine Hõbekala külalistemajja al. 15.00. Õhtusöök eelneval kokkuleppel lisatasu eest.

7.30-9.00 hommikujooga (intensiivsem)
9.00 hommikusöök
10.30-13.00 sissejuhatus akrojoogasse
13.00 lõuna
15.30-18.00 jooga (rahulik, taastav)
18.30 õhtusöök

7.30-9.00 hommikujooga
9.00 hommikusöök
10.30-13.00 jooga (fookus tagurpidi asenditele - peapealseis, kätelseis jne)
13.00 lõuna
15.30-18.00 jooga


Hind ühele ööbimisega
üheses toas: 275 eurot
kaheses toas: 200 eurot
kolmeses toas 175 eurot

Hind majutuseta (kõik tunnid ning kummalgi päeval hommiku- ja lõunasöök): 150 eurot
Üksikud töötoad:
hommikujooga 10 eurot
2,5-3tunnised töötoad: 25 eurot

Kokkuleppel Hõbekala külalistemajaga on võimalik saabuda varem ja lahkuda hiljem!

Lisainfo ja registreerimine:
Facebookis AkroKadri lehel

The isolated western point of the island of Hiiumaa will be the venue of a 2-day yoga retreat that will take place the first weekend in June. Center yourself in meditation and yoga and then find connection to others through AcroYoga.

This retreat will take place in the beautiful brand new Hõbekala Guesthouse in Ristna. The Baltic sea is walking distance in three directions. A high ceiling spacious room with lots of light and views to the forest is the perfect environment for your beginner or advanced yoga practice.

Accommodation will be according to your wishes in single, double or triple rooms (http://www.hobekala.ee/majutus).

Your teachers will be Kadri Romano or AkroKadri (200h yoga teacher, AcroYoga Int. certified AcroYoga teacher, Birthlight yoga teacher, Sunshine Network Thai masseur) and Max Romano (500h yoga teacher, Birthlight yoga teacher).

Max will teach in English and Kadri will teach both in Estonian and in English.


Arrival to Hõbekala Guesthouse from 3pm. Dinner for en extra fee and only if pre-booked.

7.30-9.00 morning yoga (more intense)
9.00 breakfast
10.30-13.00 introduction to AcroYoga
13.00 lunch
16.00-18.15 yoga (calmer, restorative)
19.00 dinner

7.30-9.00 morning yoga
9.00 breakfast
10.30-13.00 yoga (focus on inversions: headstand, handstand, etc)
13.00 lunch
15.30-18.00 yoga

PRICE for one in a

single room 275eur
double room 200eur
triple room 175eur

Price without accommmodation (all classes plus breakfast and lunch on both days): 150 eur
Single classes/workshops:
morning yoga 10eur
longer workshops 25eur

You can arrive earlier and leave later if you agree on it with the guesthouse.

More information and signing up:
+372 56223523